The Fortis Programme

A 12 week recovery programme for heterosexual male survivors of domestic abuse

The Fortis Programme

The Fortis Programme is a 12 session recovery programme for male survivors of domestic abuse. The programme runs over 12 weeks, and attendees are expected to attend each session. The programme is a trauma-informed ‘psychosocial’ group. The aim is to foster learning, self-awareness, peer support and resolution in a contained environment. It is important not to confuse this with a therapy group.

The programme has been written to, either, be delivered on a one to one or group basis depending on the demand for support in the facilitator's area. 

The programme is predominantly aimed at those who have left an abusive relationship from an intimate partner and we acknowledge that it may also be more difficult for attendees who are still ‘in the trauma’ to work through some of the exercises. The programme explores the following topics;

  • Session 1 : Introduction to the programme

  • Session 2: Understanding male identity and the impact on domestic abuse

  • Session 3: Exploring self-talk 

  • Session 4: Identifying healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships 

  • Session 5: Understanding coercive control 

  • Session 6: Understanding trauma, triggers and building resilience

  • Session 7: Exploring children's experiences of domestic abuse

  • Session 8: Understanding the impact of abuse on mental health and wellbeing

  • Session 9: Communication and boundaries 

  • Session 10: Understanding and communicating emotions

  • Session 11: Exploring self-esteem and healthy relationships

  • Session 12: Moving forward safely (closing session)

Survivor Testimonials

Be ready for an amazing experience which could help you to feel more comfortable with accepting that what has happened to you has happened to you. Be ready for challenges, but also be ready for growth and healing. 
Being able to meet other men who had been through similar experience. Getting advice and thoughts from them and from yourself. 

I really found the whole programme massive for me, it was hugely supportive and really helped with my recovery.



Validation that I hadn’t just made up my own experience, that it was abusive and that I was not unique, the other men shared their stories which made me feel comfortable in accepting my own.

Facilitator Training

Facilitator training is offered for both programmes on the dates provided below. It is recommended that at least two staff are trained in facilitation if delivering as a group work programme. 

Training includes a license (with no ongoing fees) to run the appropriate Programme, once the facilitator course has been successfully completed.

This 2 day training course will provide delegates with comprehensive manuals which includes guidance for facilitators, weekly session plans, all handout and materials to run the programme. 

The aims of the training is as follows;

  • Understand specific needs of the client group  through a day's focused training 

  • To have an awareness of the principles and practices of trauma informed recovery work

  • To understand group dynamics and how to successfully facilitate of groups

  • To provide professionals with the tools and resources to facilitate group work for adults who have experienced domestic abuse

  • For professionals to be familiar with the underpinning principles of the  Programmes

  • For professionals to be able to use the provided Manual to support Programme participants

Cost: £650 per person (discount offered for 2+ places)

To express an interest in the training below please complete the following form here 

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Upcoming facilitator training dates

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To express an interest in the training please complete the following form here


Course and Location

18th and 19th June 2024

 The Fortis Programme Facilitator Training- Online

 24th and 25th June 2024

 The Polari Programme Facilitator Training- Online

18th and 19th November 2024

The Fortis Programme Facilitator Training- Online

21st and 22nd November 2024

The Polari Programme Facilitator Training- Online