Training- Open Courses

Understanding Male Survivors Experiences of Domestic Abuse

Next session: Wednesday 4th September 2024 (10am-4pm)

Platform: Zoom

Cost: £75

This 1-day course will provide knowledge and understanding of the experiences of male survivors of domestic abuse, including how these may differ from women's experiences and information about the nature, scale and incidence of intimate partner violence against men. Participants will practice using skills in responding appropriately to male victim/survivors and will identify specific experiences and difficulties faced by specific groups of male victims such as GBTQIA* men and men from diverse backgrounds.

At the end of the session, participants will: 

Demonstrate a good understanding of domestic abuse, and its impact on male victims

Differentiate between the needs of male and female victim/survivors

Differentiate between the needs of men in heterosexual relationships and those in same-sex relationships

Identify what adaptations may be required for current services to support men

Compare best practice used by services currently working with male victims.

Understanding Counter-Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Next session: Friday September 6th 2024 (10am-4pm)

Platform: Zoom

Cost: £75

This 1-day course has been designed to build an understanding of the assessment process used in identifying primary victims and primary perpetrators. It will build on a basic understanding of domestic abuse and explore how to distinguish between language, behaviours and presentations and aid in offering appropriate advice and support. The session will also explore Johnson’s typologies of domestic abuse as well as research identifying perpetrator typologies. 

At the end of the session, participants will: 

Understand dynamics associated with each of Johnson’s typologies of domestic abuse 

Identify key presentations of primary victims and primary perpetrators 

Understand what tools and questions might be useful in assessment

Recognise the impact of wrongly identifying a primary victim as a perpetrator of abuse and the effect this might have on all parties 

Understand appropriate ways of informing clients they might not be suitable for the support originally looking to access.


Domestic Abuse Awareness Training

We have a wealth of training programmes available around domestic abuse, ranging from basic awareness training through to specialist training on counter-allegations of domestic abuse, supporting male victims and working with LGBTQIA+ communities. 

Recovery Programme Facilitator Training

A 2 day course is offered on facilitating the recovery programmes, including the Fortis Programme and the Polari Programme. As part of this offer the course includes 1 day building awareness and 1 day on programme delivery. 

Bespoke Training 

With 16 years experience working with survivors of domestic abuse, children and young people, perpetrators and those using harmful behaviours in a charity and statutory setting we are able to build training packages to meet your needs. 

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